Shabbat Kit

  • Face must be dry and clean from any other makeup.
    Spray moisturizer spray and allow to dry.

  • You cannot blend two colors together to create a new shade.

  • You must use a separate brush for every color so you are not blending two colors. No sponges, applicators or fingers may be used. OUR BRUSHES ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ENABLE THE BEST RESULTS.

  • You can reapply the same color with its own brush as often as you like. You may not apply Shabbat makeup onto non-Shabbat makeup
    (applied before Shabbat)

  • You can remove makeup with makeup remover or wash your face with the diluted cleanser only (without cotton or pre-soaked pads). Rinse off with water, dry with a paper towel, and then with a towel.